We help businesses move the needle. Our experience in both data science and full-stack web development lets us build data-driven products from the ground up, provide actionable analytics, and help you grow.

Why us?

1. We have a unique background and skill-set, sitting at the intersection of both data and software, as well as technology and business.

2. We live by the motto that we'd rather "make mistakes of ambition, not mistakes of sloth". We hit the ground running and take initiative. An example is working on a project where you may need someone to take point, with less handholding than a full time employee.

Have the following questions? We can help.

The Intersections of software + Data, and technology + business

Previously, Troy developed the automatic loan underwriting platform and risk models at Bond Street. He also built the company's first customer-facing SaaS product. Before that, Troy developed stock trading algorithms and helped launch a hedge fund at AQR Capital Management. He majored in Computer Science, Statistics, and Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

Troy is a self-improvement nerd, and loves building things to help solve impactful problems, having done side-projects in education, healthcare, and financial technology.

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The tools and analytics Terragon provided allowed us to change policy and focus with confidence. Literally every department benefited from the knowledge their work revealed.
— hospitality company